The Massive Defection from the APC and the Changing Realities in the Nigerian Politics - Prof Alabi

The Nigerian politics is always inundated with stupendous and staggering contradictions, oxymoron and outright delusion which would make a normal person wonder if the politicians do not require psychological and psychiatric examination. When all available indices point to the fact that they have failed abysmally in fulfilling their  electoral promises to the electorate, they will pontificate, grandstand and embark on incredible deception which they think the Nigerian masses will be blind to. This is exactly where some supposed academics surprise me by using intellectual tools to distort realities.
What do I mean? I submit that the poverty and misery index today in Nigeria has made the adverse economic conditions Nigerians faced in 2015 pale into apparent insignificance. For instance, it was reported a few weeks ago that Nigeria has now overtaken India by being the most absolutely and extremely poor nation on earth. There have been massive capital flights and immense disinvestment from Nigeria. There have bizzare and incredible job loses and new ones are hardly replacing the lost ones. In the past one year farming activities in the Middle Belt have been virtually paralysed by the menace of the killer herdsmen. The 25 million jobs, power stability, infrastructural transformation, security and the all encompassing and non-partisan anti-corruption fight promised by the APC government have been a phenomenal fleeting mirage. In serious intellectual and academic engagements, could all these depressing statistics be justified? Perhaps within the realm of voodoo scholarship and outright academic dishonesty there could be well packaged academic rhetorics to explain away the sad  political and socio-economic realities in Nigeria today.
For me, the debt scholars owe Nigeria today is not the denial of the debilitating situation in the country but to suggest, based on rigorous empirical evidence, how the country could be rescued from its present terrible doldrums.
Three years ago, I predicted that the APC is a political party waiting to explode. I then pointed to the impending implosion in the party which could be punctuated by immense devastation. I got what I exactly predicted. I was terribly blasted and denounced as a PDP agent. Even when the wife of the President, Aisha, warned the party about two years ago, she was put down as an uncharitable wife. Well, she did not disappoint me as a former student in her post-graduate studies in the Nigerian Defence Academy. For two semesters I schooled in Marxist theory, realism, imperialism, theories of war and social conflict. No doubt, she was able to read the political barometer of the APC so correctly.
Any careful observer of the Nigerian politics would know that all have not been well in the APC fold. The party has the majority the National Assembly, yet the President will hardly get a bill passed without serious difficulties. Those who helped to build the party were sidelined and a powerful cabal took over deceiving  it that all was well. For close to two years I have written several times that APC might soon hit the intensive care unit and I cannot remember the number of times I have been called names. But today I think the massive defection of the APC members in the National Assembly - 15 Senators and 37 House of Representatives members - largely to the PDP will send a very strong signal to the party to have serious reflections and see where they all missed it. But APC is a party that has perfected propaganda and Self deceit to almost a national policy. Hear its spokesperson, Bolaji Abdullahi, of the party today:
“APC notes the development in the National Assembly with the defection of some of our members from the party. APC remains in firm control of 25 states of the 36 states of the federation and maintains a clear majority in the federal House of Representatives and state assemblies. We assure members and supporters that our great party will continue to consolidate on our majority status in the leadup to the 2019 General Elections, even as our government continue to work hard to deliver on our promises to Nigerians.”
Imagine! Deliver their promises! Promises that have remained largely an optic illusion in almost three and a half years. As for the future of the APC in the Nigerian political process, time with tell. Today, they have lost their majority status in the Senate. And it is a monumental loss.

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