'He Stopped 3 Feet From Gold' - Juan Rademacher

If you read Napoleon Hill's book "Think And Grow Rich," you no doubt remember the story of the prospector in the Gold Rush days who stopped digging for gold when he was just 3 feet away from a fortune in gold.
The man who bought his claim hired an expert who determined that a huge amount of gold was just 3 feet beyond where the original prospector had given up.
So far as I know, this is a true story. It's heartbreaking to read that someone was so close to attaining his dream, but decided to give up.
What is it about getting to the edge of realizing success and then falling off the edge into oblivion before you get there?
Many Internet marketers find this happening to them and don’t understand why.
There are a few reasons why this might happen to you. You may have made the choice to succeed, but didn’t really define what success meant to you. It can also be how you look at success – for example, do you think you ‘win’ success or that it’s earned?
If you think you win success, you may not work as hard to reach it. Success to you might be the luck of the draw. If you believe that you have to work for success, you’re more willing to work hard and take advantages of all the opportunities you have to reach it.
Here are five other ways that Internet marketers fail just as they’re primed to reach the pinnacle of success:
1. They have the wrong idea of what work is.
Depending on your definition of work, you may think a ditch digger works harder than a secretary. But, you can’t compare types of work by only one criterion. You must consider whether it’s mental or physical labor. Have you ‘worked’ as hard as you need to for success?
2. You believe that you can’t succeed.
Some people have a deep seated, subconscious belief that no matter what opportunities come their way and how hard they work at something, success just isn’t possible for them. Pay attention to your self-talk and find out what you really believe about yourself.
3. Your circumstances aren’t conducive to success.
Success can pass you by if you’re not willing the take the reins in any circumstance you happen to be in. Everyone faces roadblocks and rejection – it’s how you deal with them that determines who succeeds and who does not.
4. You give up too easily.
You may roll along just fine for awhile and then you come to a roadblock in your plan – or fail to meet your goals. You can fail as an Internet marketer if you give up rather than refusing to take "NO" for an answer and continue on despite the barriers you may face.
5. You’re self-defeating.
Sometimes failure is a decision made because of a self-defeating attitude. Poor choices and simply giving up at the last minute can cause you to fail even though you’re close to the success you’ve always dreamed of.
Failure can become a self-fulfilling prophecy unless you’re prepared for success. Be sure you have correctly defined what success means to you and what you’re willing to contribute to make success happen.
The obvious conclusion? Don't stop "3 Feet From Gold." Persevere in your endeavors till you get to your ultimate goal.
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