I know it seems strange for me to be discussing this but I have been thinking this bra/ no bra for a while and some of the languages around it (bra and the ladies who don’t wear) usually come in very humiliating manner and character degrading.

The no bra idea although trendy but has a form of social stigma in our society. People rarely attribute comfort or personal preference to it. It is often seen as a plea for sexual attention or even lack of self care in some cases.

This day’s not wearing a bra is a statement in itself. It has become popular due to certain reasons which do not have any cling on sexual attention.
When you talk fashion you talk style and some of this styles of dressing really do just look cuter without a bra underneath them to spice up the look
To those who don’t agree that the no bra idea might be for comfort reasons it should be noted that there’s a reason you love taking your bra off at the end of the day so much which is because they make you feel horribly uncomfortable.
You don’t judge a book by its cover without reading through you would definitely miss the message and live on assumptions.
You shouldn’t call ladies name’s or humiliate them for not wearing a bra. According to Ms Krista Ford “I believe you have the right to your body and regardless of how you do or not dress it I believe you have a right to respect and personal security”
Most ladies prefer to go braless for some of the following reasons;
- Natural look
- Makes breast feeding easy
- Its trendy
- Learning to love their body
- Comfort
- To avoid bra marks
- Care free attitude
On a quest to make this topic interesting and interactive please ensure to drop your views in the comment box
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