I Can Never Be Depressed – Charles Okocha

Performing artist and artist, Charles Okocha, known for his hyperactive comic dramas and insane recordings have said he can never be discouraged as he has never in all his years experienced such. 

Despite the fact that numerous performers have turned out as of late to concede that they have struggled despondency, Okocha brags there is nothing such in his word reference. 

In a talk with Sunday Scoop, he stated, 

"One thing I have learned in life is that you should never let what you're experiencing pull you down. By and by, I don't give anything a chance to get to me since we as a whole have issues. It isn't so much that ruddy anyplace. I might be down today and up tomorrow; that is the lifestyle many individuals don't comprehend it that way. 

You may have a conjugal emergency however you shouldn't give that a chance to overload you. On the off chance that you have a relationship that isn't going admirably or whatever other thing that is influencing you adversely, endeavor to remove yourself from it. You should put God first with the goal that you can conquer these issues. I don't see whatever can ever get me discouraged. 

I am dependably an upbeat individual and you could never discover me around contrary individuals. The minute you are negative, I cut you off in light of the fact that that is the place wretchedness originates from. Not every person needs to see you upbeat and doing great; they simply need to see you down and disappointed so they have something to babble about. 

That is the reason when somebody bites the dust in this piece of the world, individuals begin composing elegant sympathies, however they couldn't have cared less for the individual while alive." 

On the issue of fans frequently asking superstars for cash on the Internet, Charles stated, "I have never truly had that encounter since I have steadfast fans. 

Nonetheless, it isn't right for supporters to hold artistes to deliver that in the event that they (craftsmen) don't do giveaways, the fans wouldn't tune in to their melodies. Individuals have sent me messages via web-based networking media requesting one help or the other; in the event that I have a craving for helping them, I do, and on the off chance that I don't feel like, I wouldn't." 

In the mean time, Okocha's most recent tune, Upper, which he discharged under the name, Amoshine, highlighting Slimcase, has likewise turned into a theme of exchange via web-based networking media. 

A few people felt that Okocha should simply stay as a hypeman rather than a craftsman. 

Because of that intimation, he expressed, 

"On the off chance that it was simply somebody that made that remark, it implies it's not the lion's share. I have been getting a great deal of positive input on the tune. Of every one of my tunes, I really think Upper is the best. Individuals didn't trust that I could complete a road melody as a result of my standard American style. I am a performing artist and artist; lamentably, a few people can't relate with that." 

Known by three names – Okocha, Igwe 2pac, and Amoshine – Charles concedes that the different names could be befuddling to fans. 

He stated, 

"Indeed, you are correct; that is an issue. In any case, I resemble an infection and whatever I do or say turns into a pattern. Igwe 2pac was the title of a motion picture I featured in and in light of the fact that I acted the part so well, individuals began considering me that name. I additionally made the slang, Amoshine, and it likewise circulated around the web. Individuals know me with a wide range of slangs."
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