'I went, saw, conquered and i'm back here alive' - Tunde Ogunsakin.

Ogunshakin (middle) and his wife, Chinyere
The cliché of the Nigerian Union of Pensioners (NUP) adage: "Rest is Sweet After Labor," came into commonsense appearance as of late at the home coming gathering party sorted out by companions of the resigned Assistant Inspector General (AIG) of Police, Johnson Tunde Ogunsakin.

Before his retirement on July 1, a year ago, the impression of him by his partners was that he is a straightforward, pure breed cop, who has no joy in grins, not to discuss chuckling.

However, his thanksgiving occasion in Ikerre-Ekiti, Ekiti State demonstrated the opposite that Ogunsakin, amid his administration years, was just keeping to the directs of his expert profession; subsequently no time for frivolities, but to see the activity done proficiently.

Thus, his grin amid his administration years resembled blaze of helping and before you understood it, it had disappeared and supplanted with stern-looking manner.

He refuted his visitors with unending grins all through the occasion, a sign that having resigned from the Nigerian Police Force (NPF), he presently possesses energy for joys, as "Rest is Sweet After Labor."

The event gave him and the individuals who knew him an open door for reflections on his exhibitions while in administration, similarly as he got encomiums for his model reputation.

Regardless of his advantageous execution, Anglican Vicar/Archdeacon of Ikerre Ekiti, Venerable A. O. Ayodele, exhorted Ogunsakin against diving into the dim waters of Nigerian legislative issues, however to investigate his capacities and impact in getting the governorship space to his locale.

Representative Ayo Fayose, who arrived the scene with no official stuff related with most governors, portrayed Ogunsakin as an extremely remarkable Police officer.

He stated: "One day you will think back and say thanks to God for leaving at the time you left. I am here on the grounds that you are one of the main light in Ekiti. Your time will come.

"It is difficult living out of office, yet God will control you, provide you guidance and bolster you.

"When I resign, I will stay in Ekiti. I am not heading off to the senate. I am not going to America."

Likewise, the state Deputy Governor, Prince Dayo Adeyeye, stated: "When great individuals join the Force, the picture of the Police, as seen by general society, will change. Having put in around 34 years in the Police Force, we have discovered him outstanding.

"Despite the fact that he didn't progress toward becoming Inspector General of Police, yet we say thanks to God for his recognized vocation in the Force."

Altruism messages from best progressive system of the Force incorporate that of the spouse of the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Mrs. Asmau Idris, who featured and hailed the excellencies of spouse of the resigned AIG, Mrs. Chinyere Ogunsakin, as an individual from the Police Officers Wife Association of Nigeria (POWAN).

Different dignitaries who graced the event incorporate the Osomawe of Ondo, Dr. Kiladejo; Ogaga Ikere Ekiti, Oba Ademujimi Adu Alagbado, Agirilala Ogbeniwotoro 11; senior legal counselor, Chief Wole Olanipekun (SAN), among others.

The celebrant gave knowledge into what roused him to join the Force in 1982, reviewing that in the wake of seeing how policemen managed understudies who were challenging school expenses increment amid the "Ali Must Go" dissent in 1978, he saw how a policeman offered equity to an abused understudy inside sensible conditions.

"I was inspired and chose I could do same from within on the off chance that I could join the Force. What's more, I did," he stated.

Ogunsakin, in any case, stated: "Everywhere throughout the world, policemen are not preferred, but rather you can't manage without policemen. In tolerating to be a policeman, you have acknowledged to kick the bucket. They remain wakeful while others rest. A similar thing with all the military powers.

"Along these lines, it is really an obligation to kick the bucket and not to live. You forfeit your very own life while others live. I went, I saw, vanquished and I am back here alive."

A portion of the Police obligations Ogunsakin was associated with incorporate as driving examinations concerning $20million false exchange from NEPA accounts in London/US to a Geneva bank. The assets were recouped, suspects captured and charged to court.

He likewise driven examinations concerning the hijacking of a Briton, John Hillman, by Nigerian fraudsters for a payment of $380,000. The injured individual was safeguarded, while suspects were caught and charged to court, just as the instance of capture/murder of a Nigerian vessel and its crewmembers on the West African Coast, where the suspect was secured and imprisoned in Guinea-Conakry
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