Military seizes power in Gabon

The military in oil-rich focal African nation, Gabon, has declared it has seized influence, successfully finishing the 50-year principle of the group of President Ali Bongo. 

The military said it is seizing power "to reestablish majority rule government", the BBC reports. 

Residents of the nation were woken to a 3.00 GMT communicated by the military declaring a "National Restoration Council". 

Mr Bongo, who progressed toward becoming president in 2009, has been sick and accepting treatment in Morocco for over two months. 

As indicated by the BBC, armed force shielded vehicles and tanks were seen watching the lanes of the capital, Libreville. 

In a New Year's day communicate, he endeavored to put a conclusion to the talk about his wellbeing, guaranteeing nationals that he was fine. 

His message, unmistakably did not reverberate with the military which depicted the communicate as "a melancholy sight and a steady endeavor to stick onto control".
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