"Why I Resigned From N-Power": My Story and the Lessons (Photo) - Israel Oluwashina

Recently an open letter of one N Power scheme beneficiary who expressed himself thus:

Dear friends, take your time and read my story, I pray you find Grace to stand through!

Recently, I had to take a step that I was 100% sure was godly and morally correct but It looked so foolish to several people, but with God on my side and with the encouragement of sincere believers, I'm strengthened!

It goes thus:

Sometimes December, 2016, I got enrolled in a national scheme of the Federal Government of Nigeria called N-POWER, it's a current and working scheme that was set up by this present government to ameliorate or ease the high level of unemployment in the Nigeria.

Fortunately, I got an admission in December, 2018 to further my studies in the University of Benin, and as part of the pact or agreement between the Federal Government of Nigeria and the volunteers of N-POWER, it's required of us to work full time, that is; for no reason must we get into any endeavour that will clash with the normal working hour at our Place of Primary Assignment (PPA).

Prior to taking my decision, I did a lot of consultations, told a lot of friends, both the matured and the 'flexible' and of course I got mixed responses.

Some said "leave the job and go to school, you'll need the money, it's a national cake!"
Some said "put someone to impersonate you and leave the job for school!"
Some said "bribe to Head Mistress and go to schoo!, she will cover you up, in case supervisors show up"

The above were the responses from 'caring' colleagues, seniors and associates of which very few said I should do the right thing.

The right thing actually is to resign the Job and go for my education, considering the fact that the job needs my full attention and my education in the university will also need me full-time, it's therefore obviously impossible to meet the need coming from both angles simultaneously.

So I wrote a letter of resignation to that respect some weeks ago, upon which I got a confirmation from N-POWER website yesterday that I have been successfully resigned from the program!

Due to my preparation for school, I had to leave the town and stop working at my PPA since early February.

Some people called me later to inform me against their previous counsel that I had really taken the right step, some also told me that it was indeed a tough step to take considering the economic situation in the country but they prayed and encouraged me that God will see me through!


1. God's Will and moral standards shouldn't be compromised for earthly gains.
2. Act right, even if the whole world will tag you as a fool, God's on your side.
3. Be Wise and Courageous in taking right decisions.
4. God will reward all your sacrifices even when men's comments aren't encouraging.
5. Take the right steps, you may not know who is watching and will follow.

You must have learnt few lessons too about taking the right and uncommon steps, May God back you up as you take the steps to Stand for truth and righteousness. Amen!!!
"Why I Resigned From N-Power": My Story and the Lessons (Photo) - Israel Oluwashina "Why I Resigned From N-Power": My Story and the Lessons (Photo) - Israel Oluwashina Reviewed by malik salawu on March 13, 2019 Rating: 5

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