Demmie vee was initially signed on to "hope never die" HND record label from the scratch where he dropped his debut single "tiff" which was already getting airplays on radio stations and TV stations

Kizz Daniel approached him and HND management to sign Demmie on his label print "flyboy inc" couple of month's back.

He dropped a new song featuring Kizz himself "you go wait" under fly boy label and since then he has been silent for a while.

Kizz stormed Demmie vee's house just last week to have him arrested for some offence that seems like breach of agreement

This is what Demmie had to say on the issue via Instagram

"@iamkizzdaniel !!! With all due respect. You are a Traitor @iamkizzdaniel. I can’t believe you have the gut to bring police to me because I asked for a refund of my Money. You tricked us and collected my 15million naira to boost your own shaking career. I wasn’t a struggling artist when you approached my boss for help which results to a recording deal/contract and I remember you promised heaven and earth that day. *TIFF* was doing well and was already a big song when you came to beg me to join fly boy INC not knowing your real intentions. On two different songs. You edited my Voice to make my voice sound awful and I still kept quiet and never say a word. { *SOMEBODY DEY* AND *YOU GO WAIT *}. I have the real versions of this two songs..You are too fake that the likes of “Bharry Jay , Phil Kez, wickedest dj zino , Slizzy , expression, etc can’t cope with you in space of 3 months. Time will surely tell. I know one day, the world will know the truth of it all. *Don’t Judge each day by the harvest you reap now but by the seeds that you plant.* Things May look rosy now but Karma is a Tricky thing. #themorewelive #themorewelearn #hopeneverdies"

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