Simi expressed her hate for yahoo boy's on social media cople of day's back and warned them to stop buying her song's 

Fan's came for Adekunle gold on this stating that at some point in his career as a grahics designer he once worked for the so called yahoo boy's his spousebis calling out on social media

This is MI's point of view on the subject matter and a public letter to Simi

He wrote:-
“In the spirit of uplifting our Queens.. @symplysimi I applaud your courage and your fortitude for speaking out on what you believe!!! The truth is that the scourge of internet fraud is hurting us more than it is helping us.. and please don’t misunderstand.. this country is so hard that I judge no man because I am imperfect.
“But we must not attack those that remind us of what we should be.. that energy is for us to vote.. us to speak out against our elected officials.. and for us to do a better job at lifting all young Nigerians so that they never have to turn away from righteousness to provide food to eat. We may be forced to eat with dirty hands.. but it doesn’t mean we should piss in clean water.”
MI’s view is regarding the Live Instagram Video Simi did over the weekend where she condemned internet fraudsters and also told them not to be patrons of her craft. The issue has since been escalated on social media as it has been drawing mixed reactions.

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